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waste conveyor with hopper
Waste Conveyor with input hopper

waste conveyor with input hopper
Waste Conveyor with input hopper

scrap metals waste conveyor
scrap metal waste conveyors

waste paper recycling conveyor
Waste Paper recycling conveyor
household waste conveyor
Household waste recycling conveyor with widened input area

Waste Recycling Conveyors

These are usually the heaviest-duty conveyors that we produce.

Waste recycling is an incredibly demanding environment. Our conveyor frames are made out of 10mm steel C-section or box-section. The belts are 8mm or 10mm thick multiply reinforced rubber, mounted on a steel 'ladder', which in turn is welded onto parallel 8000lb breaking-strain chains. These engage with 8-tooth cast iron sprockets, ensuring excellent transmission traction such that the belt cannot slip or stall.

With powerful 1.5kW motors, and control systems that monitor - and regulate - the motors, a CCL conveyor can withstand the most brutal conditions that the waste product can throw at it.

If the product DOES jam (a classic case is scrap electrical wire that can wrap around the side-frames and attempt to rip them off the chasis) the system detects the motor overload, and shuts the system down, perserving the conveyor, and alerts the operaptors to intervene.

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