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Tracking Guides

A tracking guide is a raised rubber or plastic/PVC strip running down either the edges of a conveyor belt, or along it centreline (as illustrated opposite).

The strip is intended to 'engage' with corresponding grooves on the drive and tension rollers, and hence holds the belt in position and prevents mis-tracking.

Tracking guides can be used on most belt types, including rubber, PVC, PU and Silicon

Cross-section of a
tracking guide
Tracking guides come in a range of sizes. If you are looking to replace a belt that has a tracking guide, you will need to measure the guides and advise us of their dimensions. Tracking guides are measured in terms of their base width and their height. So in the illustration to the left, it would be described as a "X by Y" guide. Typical values are 6x4, 10x8, and 13x10. (they are usually wider than they are tall).

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