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Silicon Belting

Silicon Belting

Temperature tolerance: 250 degrees centigrade

The silicon carrying surface can tolerate these high temperatures. However, the underside can't. So whilst these belts can CARRY high-temperature product, they cannot be used in an environment with a uniform high temperature (e.g. an oven). For such environments, the PTFE/Kevlar belts are more suitable, if not an actual metal belt.

These belts are traditionaly best known for their ability to carry high-temperature products, but they offer benefits way beyond this.

They are strong - as strong as 2-ply PVC - whilst having an easily-cleaned surface similar to Polyurethene. (PU) Bizarely, the belt has the seemingly contradictory properties of high-grip AND easy release. (e.g. it resists produce sticking). The combination of high temperature, food-grade hygienic surface, grip and release makes it very popular in the baking and confectionery industries.

In the wider industrial sphere, its high temperature carrying resistance is comparable to PTFE/Kevlar belting, except that it is physically stronger than those materials. It's non-stick characteristic is not quite as good as PTFE, nor is its ability to go around knife-edges. (although with a minimum knife-edge radius of just 4mm, it is no slouch either).

The belt consists of a low-friction nylon backing, with a Silicon impregnated carrying surface. It can be provided as vulcanised "endless" loops, as well as working with steel fasteners.

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