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Rubber Belts

Rubber Belts

Reinforced rubber belts are THE traditional hard-wearing conveyor belt. Geared towards heavier duty applications than its PVC or PU brethren, these belts are available in a range of strengths and thicknesses.

They excell in outdoor use, or in situations where the load is heavy or slightly sharp/abrasive. Rubber belts can also feature high-grip top surfaces, flights (cleats), sidewalls, and chevrons, making them highly flexible.

Thicknesses range from 5mm to 20mm, and the belt can be either vulcanised into an endless loop, or looped with steel fasteners. (as illustrated)

Typical applications include

  • Construction sites
  • Aggregates and rubble
  • Recycling
  • Sortation
  • Coal/Fuel Pellet loading
  • Salt/road grit loading


Colours Black, White
Thickness 5mm - 20mm
Temperature range -20 - +100 degrees centigrade
Max. width 2500mm

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