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Plastic Modular Belts

Plastic Modular Belts

A plastic chain belt that provides a solid, stable surface for the carried product. This remarkable belt type comes in a variety of configurations, from flat-top ( like a tank track), to open-mesh to allow drainage or air circulation.

The belt excells at being able to form loops, inclines, or even spirals. It is easily cleaned, economical to maintain, and can resist moderately high temperatures

The belts most commonly come in three materials, though hybrids are also available

Often considered the "workhorse" plastic modular belt. It has good general characteristics, and it very good and absorbing shock loads. This belt type is good at higher temperatures - up to 100 degrees centigrade, though with special additives we can produce a Polypropylene belt that can operate up to 120 degrees. It also has a high resistance to chemical cleaning agents.
A good general purpose belt, this particular material specialises in being able to cope with very low temperatures, making it the belt of choice for freezer or chiller applications
Polyoxymethylene (POM)
This is also know as acetal, polyacetal (PA), and polyformaldehyde. This is an excellent all-purpose belt, able to deal with temperatures between -40 and +90 degrees centigrade. It is a tough belt, and very abrasion-resistant. However, it IS slightly more vulnerable to shock impacts than the other materials. It is also vulnerable to highly acidic, alkali, or chlorine-based cleaning agents.

All of these materials are food-grade, making the plastic modular belt a good choice for the food industry

Straight belts

Straight running plastic modular belt

These come in a variety of styles. Closed-surface "tank track" belts offer extremely good product support. They can come with flights/cleats to assist in moving products up an incline, and sidewalls to prevent products falling off the side of the belt. Although normally closed-surface, the plates can actually be perforated to allow air to circulate - or liquid to drain away - for cooling or drying the carried product.

Although these belts cannot flex "side-to-side", they CAN flex vertically, allowing their use in "swan neck" conveyors.

Radial Belts

Radial plastic modular belt curve bend

Formed as an open mesh, these belts CAN flex from side to side, forming loops and bends, as well as spirals. The mesh still offers a firm surface to support the products. This also facilities air (or liquid) circulation.

Typical applications include

Packaged food
Food preperation
Medical applications
Scientific or Industrial


Colours White, Blue, Red, Yellow
Temperature range -60 to +120 degrees
Max width none
Thickness variable, but typically 10mm
Options Flights, side walls, grip strips

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