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pharmaceutical Conveyor
Multilane sterile package conveyor

pharmaceutical Conveyor
Multi-lane sterile package conveyor

Curving inspection conveyor...

... with backlight section

Accumulation pharmaceutical conveyor with turntable

Pharmaceutical and Medical-grade Conveyors

Advanced hygienic conveyors

CCL are very experienced at producing conveyors for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We make stainless steel and plastic frames and belts for contamination free operation and clean-room environments.

All feature ease of cleaning to maintain hygiene and sanitary environments with quick-release belts and removable inspection panels to ensure that all components can be exposed for jet-washing etc, with high-IP motors and control panels.

With precision manufacturing for small-form conveyors to handle fragile and sensitive products, our conveyors feature bespoke design to suite the conveyor to the product. This includes anilliary functions such as product labeling and printing capable conveyors.

Stepper motor and advanced sensor and PLC controls give high product placement accuracy, allowing us to make conveyors suitable for:

  • clean room environments
  • high speed bottle filling
  • Sorting and grouping
  • backlighting for quality control inspections
  • ejecting and transfering

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