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pharmaceutical Conveyor
Side-mounted mezzanine floor conveyor

pharmaceutical Conveyor
Side-mounted mezzanine floor conveyor

Orthagonal mezzanine floor conveyor

Mezzanine conveyor in Argos store
Mezzanine conveyor with high-grip belt

Mezzanine Floor Conveyors

Mezzanine floors have become a very popular method for increasing the available floor space of an industrial unit, without the expense of creating a full second floor.

Conveyors are the ideal method of getting goods up to - and down from - a mezzanine floor. Unlike goods lifts, they offer a continuous flow of products, making them highly efficient.

We can supply them with lead-in/lead-out accumulation gravity conveyors, allowing for goods to be staged at both the upper and lower level, so it is not neccessary to have staff at both ends of the conveyor when moving goods around.

Featuring high-grip belts, our mezzanine conveyor systems can move packages at up to 30 degrees of incline, and can be fitted with cleats or flights to allow much steeper slopes.

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