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Lineshaft rollers

Lineshaft drawings Lineshaft drawings 2

A lineshaft conveyor is a form of powered roller conveyor. The conveyor has a long powered roller that runs the length of the conveyor. This in turn connects to the individual carrying rollers by means of a polyurethene O-ring. As the main powered roller turns, so do all the slave rollers above it, propelling the products along the conveyor.

This is probably the cheapest type of powered conveyor, suitable for lightweight (circa 20Kg) boxes and rigid packages. It has one big advantage (which is ALSO one of its weaknesses), and that is what is termed "accumulation".

If a box reaches the end of the conveyor - and assuming there is a barrier to prevent it falling off - then it is forced to stop. In turn, this causes the rollers beneath it to "slip" against their O-rings, effectively stopping those rollers from turning, and hence abrading the bottom of the box away. It is as though every single roller has its own "slipping clutch".

This is a highly desirable quality. It is also a safety feature; if an operator trapped their hands between two rollers, then those rollers would simply stop due to the 'clutch' effect. Of course, it also means that the rollers can't take heavy boxes, as these might trigger the "slipping" behavior.

A lineshaft roller is simply a roller with one, two or three grooves cut into it. These grooves hold the O-rings in place, and prevent them 'travelling' down the roller.
single groove lineshaft roller
A single-groove roller
A single-groove roller. This is the most common lineshaft conveyor roller type, and simply accepts a single O-ring from the drive roller
dual groove lineshaft roller
A twin-groove roller
The twin groove roller is used when one roller needs to power its neighbouring rollers. This can happen in the area above the drive motor. The motor casts a "shadow" above it where there is no lineshaft available to connect O-rings to. So the rollers need to power each other over this area.
triple groove lineshaft roller
A triple-groove roller
A triple-groove roller. This would be used at the beginning of the "shadow" area, to take power from the O-ring, and then distribute to the next - and previous - rollers.


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