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Polyurethene Food Conveyor
Stainless steel conveyor with flighted
Polyurethene (PU) belt -

Polyurethene Food Conveyor
Stainless steel conveyor with flighted
Polyurethene (PU) belt -

Silicon belt food conveyor

Plastic frame food conveyor

Plastic Modular food conveyor

Stainless steel wire mesh food conveyor

Food Conveyors

Durable quality conveyors for food production

CCBA's parent company - Central Conveyors Ltd - has decades of experience in providing conveyors to the food production, processing and packaging industry.

General food Conveyors

These can handle meat, vegetables, and bread doughs, including chapati, naan, pizza bases, and tortilla. We have produced conveyors to handle raw potatoes, turnips, carrots, peas, peanuts, and eggs, amongst many others

Bakery food conveyors

Our silicon, cotton and wire-mesh belts can handle bakery applications, including transporting products through baking ovens, and with open-mesh designs allow products to air-cool when they emerge, as well as allowing products to be carried through liquid baths and dry out on emerging.

Conveyor hygeine

A key factor that seperates a food conveyor from general warehouse conveyors is hygeine, and the ease with which the conveyor - and carrying belt - can be cleaned down each day. To this end we can produce conveyor frames made of Stainless steel or anti-bacterial plastic, and belts made of polyurethene, Acetal Plastic, or stainless wire mesh.

These can feature high-IP control panels and motors, along with quick-release belts, to facilitate easy cleaning and jet-washing.

Our cleated PU and Plastic Modular belts can handle inclines, as well as curves, merging lines, and even spirals.

Conveyor automation

We can produce sophisticated computer-bssed control panels, allowing multiple conveyors to interact with your existing processing machines - and each other - to produce entire automated production lines.

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