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Unpowered rollers

Conveyor Drums

Heavy-duty drive and tension drums.

In essence, a drive drum is a heavy-duty version of a roller, but with a number of key differences.

  • With a drive drum, the shaft is locked to the body of the roller. The shaft and the drum turn together.
  • The shaft on a drive drum is typically disproportionally thicker than that of a roller.
    An 80mm diameter roller might have a shaft with a diameter of 15mm. An 80mm drive drum, on the other hand, is likely to be closer to 30-35mm.
  • The shaft of a drive drum typically has some keying arrangement to allow it to "lock" into the conveyor motor or gearbox.
    This typically would take the form of a "keyway"
  • A drive drum is usually(though not invariably) "lagged" with a high-grip surface, usually rubber with a grip pattern embossed onto it

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