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Conveyor Belting

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Belt Conveyors

Sturdy and long-lasting belt conveyors at a reasonable price.

At CCBA, we don't believe in 'standard' belt conveyors, but that each customer has specific and unique needs. Accordingly, all of our conveyors are bespoke, and explicitly designed for each customer, before being made in-house by our highly skilled fabrication engineers.

We produce hundreds of conveyors every year,

Our standard workshop and warehouse conveyors tend to use 2-Ply PVC belts. However, we can design conveyors with Plastic Modular belting for curves (and to provide drainage/air-circulation for products emerging from baths or ovens), and rubber belts for heavier applications, including chain-driven rubber belts for the most demanding applications, to powered or chain-driven rollers for pallets etc, or even direct chain drive for truly heavy-duty applications.

We can build conveyors with food-grade polyurethene, food-grade plastic modular, or slat belts (in plastic or steel) for food, pharmaceutical of scientific applications where hygeine is paramount. This can include stepper-motors for accurate product placement on the belt, which can be essential for robotic packing systems.

In addition to horizontal or inclined conveyors with high-grip belts or flights, we can provide curved and looping conveyors, or even spirals. This includes "swan neck" belt conveyors that combine a horizontal 'lead in' section, and inclined section, and a horizontal 'lead-out' section.

In addition to the belt conveyor itself, we can provide control panels that range from the simple on/off, to complex PLC and SCADA integration, ensuring that our conveyors can be controlled by your other product machines, forming an integrated whole

The traditional sturdy general-purpose conveyor, this can either be a unidirectional device with the motor at one end, or a bidirectional unit with a central underslung drive.

Some Typical conveyor belt applications

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