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Unpowered rollers

Unpowered rollers

A range of simple, unpowered rollers that can be used in gravity track roller systems, auxillary skid-pan support rollers, end-tension rollers, snub rollers, and underside return/catenery support rollers.

We can offer these in a range of sizes and materials. The options listed below cover just a broad sample of our entire range. We can also manufacture bespoke rollers to your specification. So browse the range by all means, but don't hesitate to call us for advice, suggestions, or specialist requirements.

In addition to standard rollers in a variety of materials, we can also manufacture heavier-duty drums, typicaly used as drive or tension drums in powered conveyor systems.

Out standard steel rollers can also be coated in a variety of materials, including non-marking rubber and PVC.

Unpowered roller types

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